Saturday, March 10, 2012

Journal - Unlorja

I seriously cannot say enough positive things about "Unlorja". I've said more than once that it's the best thing since "Calculating Infinity," mainly because the amount of technical musicianship is simply staggering, and the material here took a substantial amount of time to even memorize. It's an 80 minute masterpiece accompanied with an epic story not unlike Final Fantasy, which is an apparent influence, and gamers will be pleased at the Easter Egg riffs peppered throughout the album. Interestingly enough, three vocalists were used to record the album, including Drew Winter of Conducting From the Grave / Fate / Shadow of the Colossus, and Jesse Alford of Embrace the End. This is arguably one of the most important recent releases in mathcore and technical / progressive metal, and definitely a personal favorite.

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