Sunday, January 17, 2016

RIP BCM / Antarctica - Beheaded By Voltron

As I'm sure you've no doubt observed, this blog is dead. I want to thank any of you who gave a shit and actually read my nonsensical ramblings during the past 5 odd years. My plan is to leave the blog up as an archive of sorts, to document a very specific and curious sub-genre of music. I will also continue to post under the moniker of Mathcore Index, which is quickly becoming more than a simple promotional fan page.

As a final (and somewhat self-aggrandizing) post, I decided to finally share my old band's full-length album, which is similar to the content I've been posting about for years. Thank you again. Enjoy.

Here you may also snag the reissue, featuring bass guitar tracks from the supremely talented Luke Kelly (aka Tom Noyd) of Zelophilia and Bohrium.