Thursday, December 29, 2011

An Isle Ate Her - Discography

As some of you have no doubt heard, An Isle Ate Her has gone on indefinite hiatus. Truly a sad day for underground grind, but also characteristic of the genre. I was really rooting for these guys, and had hoped to hear more of what they had to offer, but least they have left us with their magnum opus, Phrenia. Here is every recording by the group, including their original demo, "Motel Art," which they released as Feeding the Foxes.

Artist: An Isle Ate Her
Origin: Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
Genre: Mathcore / Techgrind

Album: Phrenia
Release date: 2011
01. Lurker Livin'
02. Slueslings
03. Das Ekel
04. Landsraad
05. Phrenia
06. Dun Dorr
07. How To Breed A God
08. Easy, Charles
09. Easy, Charles II
10. Improcalypse
11. Appetency
12. Furukawa

"This album was written and recorded during the darkest time of our lives."

Album: Desiderium
Release date: 2010
01. Appetency: Fed Through the Mouth of Optimism, Shat Out the Asshole of Futility
02. Selvage: A Public Demonstration of Self-Immolation
03. 2000 mg Deep: Where Dem J-Papes At?
04. Landsraad: The Onerous Combustion
05. Tributary: Restitution Passed the Event Horizon
06. A Core and Some Seeds

feeding the foxes

Album: Motel Art
Release date: 2009
01. Blasterbate
02. Erase, Create, Replace, Modify, Devolve, Reformat, Convolute, Destroy
03. Wine 'Em Dine 'Em 69 'Em
04. Anteater
05. Air

Format: 320 kbps, mp3
Download: Mediafire
Website: Facebook

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