Thursday, October 27, 2011

Panic Candy - EP

Artist: Panic Candy
Origin: Arlington, Massachusetts (USA)
Genre: Mathcore / Hardcore 
Album: EP
Year: 2011
01. The Amphetamine Falcon
02. Rabid Pumpkin Shelter
03. Drunk and Half a Million Out
04. Expressway Dodgeball
05.  Hawaiian Shirt Day in the Trauma Ward
06. Kansas Dance Horse

Format: 320 kbps 
Download: Mediafire
Website: Facebook

Duck Duck Goose - Discography

Duck Duck Goose
Duck Duck Goose

Artist: Duck Duck Goose
Origin: Barstow, California (USA)
Genre: Mathcore / Hardcore / Experimental 

Album: Noise, Noise, and More Noise
Release date: 2008
01. Brother John's Revenge
02. Red, I Don't Have Time For This...
03. Stow After the Bar
04. Wonderful Wizard of LSD
05. Boy Oh Boy, I ain't No Wiz Kid
06. Sgt. Slaughter

Album: Off Yourself
Release date: 2010
01. Documenting Disappointment
02. Shitstorm
03. Hellevator
04. I Came, Come
05. Cosmic Kidd Nappers
06. Dirt Freaks
07. Firetrucks On Fire
08. Pollution People

Format: Various kbps, mp3
Download: Mediafire
Website: MySpace

"If you like Heavy Heavy Low Low, you might also enjoy..."

DDG carved a named out for themselves in the shadow of HHLL, but eventually refined their own sound with their second EP, and then their EP "Future Trash", which they released as Pollution People. Above is some footage guest starring Robbie (vox) of HHLL.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Discovery of a Lifelong Error - Discography

discovery of a lifelong error
Pop-Ups 1/30/09.    discovery of a lifelong error
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Artist: Discovery of a Lifelong Error
Origin: Sacramento, California (USA)
Genre: Screamo / Post-hardcore / Mathcore

Album: You Can Learn a Lot From a Pair of Black Lungs
Release date: 2007
01. intro
02. FiveTwoSixTwo
03. All Mouth, No Matter
04. Zombies Are Fucking Assholes
05. (Subject to Change)
06. Giants Orbiting
07. Conjunction Junction; You're Either An Apostrophe or You Are Nothing
08. A Hatchet As Sharp As the Devil Himself
09. Small Talk's Going to Get My Throat Cut
10. 'Terra Firma' Might Be Inappropriate

Album: Creatures
Release date: 2008
01. Shit Fire, Save Matches
02. All Hopped Up on Date Rape Drugs
03. A Waltz Regarding Repletion
04. Yard Sale
05. Grandmother Redux

Album: Untitled
Release date: 2009
01. Lightspeed
02.Michael Jackson

Format: 128 kbps, mp3
Download: Mediafire
Website: MySpace

Underrated and mostly unacknowledged, Discovery of a Lifelong Error left a big impression on California's underground scene. "Giants Orbiting", shown above, is widely regarded as their best work. Members of this band, Corey (vocals) and Ben (guitar), have since gone on to join the post-hardcore act, A Lot Like Birds.

The "Creatures" EP features Marcos of Galaga: The Movie on guitar.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Galleons - Swans / Legacies - Demo

Artist: Galleons / Legacies
Origin: Nottingham, UK
Genre: Techgrind / Mathcore
Album: Swans / demo
Release date: 2009-2011
01. As the Earth Unfolds
02. Steve McQueen Can Come
03. The Compass Points North
04. How Deep Is the Sea
05.  You Won't Know It's Depths Until You've Drowned

Format: Various kbps, mp3
Download: Mediafire
Website: Facebook

Another band from the Mecha Organa tech metal compilations, Galleons story is short and sweet. After gaining notoriety in the UK underground grind scene, their guitarist, Tom, left the band putting Tom, the vocalist, in charge of guitar duties, having been relieved by new vocalist, Tom. I'm not even joking. That's when they changed their name to Legacies and subsequently disbanded. Such is the world of techgrind; bands aren't even allowed a chance to burn themselves out, but the result is something special and part of the genres charm.

"How Deep is the Sea" appears on Mecha Organa Volume 5, and I've included it along with "Swans" and the only song released by Legacies.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Inside the Beehive - Drink Bleach, Live Forever

Artist: Inside the Beehive
Origin: Rutherford, New Jersey (USA)
Genre: Mathcore / Techgrind
Album: Drink Bleach, Live Forever
Release date: 2011
01. Headless
02. Mothra: The Biggest Moth of All
03. The One-Eyed Clown
04. 150 Degrees In the Shade
05. Bio-Feedback
06. Heatstroke

Format: 320 kbps, mp3
Download: Bandcamp
Website: Facebook

This has been a good year for grind. Similar to The Sawtooth Grin and The Number Twelve Looks Like You, these dudes are quickly becoming one of my favorite underground grind bands. Inside the Beehive just released this EP (free) on their Bandcamp, so stop what you are doing, get your shit together, and prepare to have your genitals ground into oblivion. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Destroy All Operating Systems - "old songs" + rips

Artist: Destroy All Operating Systems
Origin: Fremont, California (USA)
Genre: Mathcore / Techgrind
Album: "old songs" + Myspace rips
Release date: 2006 / 2008
01. 23 Mississippis
02. Dead Man
03. To In-just Lifeless Poets
04. I'm Nowhere to Be Found, but Who Really Cares
05. Behind the Scene Kids
06. Shit For Brains
07. Cops and Rubbers
08. I Was Never Manager
09. Decomposition
10. Cover Up
11. Polaroid
01. Selfish Giver
02. One By One
03. Zero

Format: 128 kbps, mp3
Download: Mediafire
Website: Myspace

I found this album on their Myspace in a blog from about 3 years ago, and I have never seen it elsewhere. I have no idea why it isn't better known, but I felt it was time for it to see the light of day again. Destroy All Operating Systems was supposed to release another album, and we're still waiting.

However, they did release 3 other songs after "Change", which I've included as a bonus. Aren't you lucky?