Friday, August 8, 2014

Seizures - The Sanity Universal

So last night I ventured out to SUB/Mission to see Deathwish Inc heavyweights, Cult Leader and Oathbreaker, and ended up discovering this great band from the OC. Although the aforementioned touring package's performance was obviously flawless, Seizures really seemed to steal the show. I was tempted to immediately compare them to Converge and Gaza (who's latter incarnation shared the stage with them that night), but as their set progressed it became clear they also had their own distinct voice, with thoughtful compositions that both pay homage to their influences yet still strike out in new and interesting directions. Truly next-generation mathcore, and fans of any seminal metalcore / mathcore bands in the vein of Botch etc should really give these dudes a listen, as they're efforts seem to be criminally under appreciated.

Favorite tracks: Channeler, The Story's as Old as the Pills.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

John Adams - Grand Pianola Music

"...and now for something completely different."

For those of you who'd like to see the face of God this evening. 

John Adam is a living American composer, and this is probably one of his finest works. The piece is mostly pleasant up until about 5:14 when the sirens, muttering triads of wordless syllables, begin their song. Perhaps not the best recording, but it'll do. So light up a doob, and enjoy some contemporary American minimalism.