Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Antioch Synopsis - s/t /// California Super Post

Northern California has enjoyed a fairly rich metal and hardcore scene in recent years, with an especially large number of bands emerging in the early 2000's. As those bands dissolved, many of their former members inevitably formed other various projects, and if I wasn't so lazy I would've made some tree chart illustrating this, but the point is these bands have very few degrees of separation. So, I'll just try to elaborate in the least painful way possible: 

With Passion was a tech death band which eventually consisted of 4/5th's of Conducting From the Grave, and at one point bassist Michael Nordeen (who joined The Human Abstract).

Conducting From the Grave also featured vocalist Drew Winter, who joined Fate/Shadow of the Colossus (which also features drummer Jacob Durrett, who joined Molotov Solution), and guitarist John Abernathy, who is also in Soma Ras.

Finally, the vocalist of Soma Ras was the vocalist of The Antioch Synopsis, which was the original reason for this post.

This isn't the only example, as Alterbeast and The Kennedy Veil share the same drummer, Gabe Seeber, who also plays with Decrepit Birth, which at some point had 3 members of Odious Mortem as well as Chase Fraser, who also played in Animosity, Son of Aurelius, and The Taste of Blood, which featured vocalist Derek Rydquist, who went on to be the vocalist of The Faceless. Whew. 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, anyone?

(^ I still love this video almost 10 years later, scene hair and all)

Anyway, enjoy The Antioch Synopsis' eponymous full-length, which seemed to just get lost in the shuffle of so many other similar releases last year.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Galaga: The Movie - s/t

Yesterday this blog turned 3 years old. For my first post, I chose to share Galaga: The Movie, one of my favorite bands and good friends of mine. So years later, it seems more than appropriate to share their new album on it's day of release. 

Behold, 2 of the greatest fuck-ups who've ever lived. Their insane stage antics and violent freak-outs have frightened most every audience they've ever played for, and they're probably banned from every single venue in the Humboldt and Solano County areas. Their music, which sways from grind to surfish riffs and back to grind, also has a certain whimsy to it:

Surfing the rain soaked clouds / down to your house / to sit perched on a tree / waiting patiently

Galaga is currently looking to book dates for a US tour sometime this year.

Favorite tracks: Stumptown, Shit Wave.