Friday, February 3, 2012

Destroyer Destroyer - Discography

Artist: Destroyer Destroyer
Origin: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (USA)
Genre: Techgrind / Mathcore

Destroyer Destroyer - The Spider-Bear Tales EP

Album: The Spider Bear Tales
Release date: 2005
01. I'm Tired Of Making You Listen And You Listen Good
02. Chainsodomy
03. 1981 - 2005
04. Why Isn't Dr. Gregory's Office Open? Because Its Sunday. No It Ain't!
05.  Don't Be Ridiculous, Doctor.

Album: The Dead Sleep Like Us For a Reason
Release date: 2006
01. Dead Weight As Far As the Eye Can See
02. Horse Drawn
03. Error
04. I'm Tired of Making You Listen and You Listen Good
05.  Chainsodomy
06. 1981 - 2005
07. Why Isn't Dr. Gregory's Office Open? Because It's Sunday. No It Ain't
08. Don't Be Ridiculous, Doctor

Album: Littered With Arrows
Release date: 2007
01. Trial
02. A Golden Technique
03. Horse-Drawn
04. Littered With Arrows
05. Off the Beaten Path
06. We've Been Had
07. Dead Weight As Far As the Eye Can See
08. Daddy Long Legs  
09. Schools Named After Presidents
10. Number Cruncher
11. The Feeling Is Mutual
12. Error

 Format: Various kbps, mp3
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If you consider yourself a fan of this music and have not yet investigated this band, now is the time to make amends. Probably one of the best acts to emerge in their genre (and easily one of my favorites), and unparalleled in rawness and heaviness, Destroyer Destroyer has accumulated an extensive following, even posthumously. High pitched vocals and polyrhythmic breakdowns are trade marks of the band, and (especially) @ :35 into "We've Been Had," you'll start to see exactly what sets this band apart from their contemporaries.

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  1. Dude, I have the CD of Littered With Arrows.

    Want me to upload a 320 rip of it?

  2. underrated band, i love their crazy breakdowns