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Discovery of a Lifelong Error - Discography

discovery of a lifelong error
Pop-Ups 1/30/09.    discovery of a lifelong error
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Artist: Discovery of a Lifelong Error
Origin: Sacramento, California (USA)
Genre: Screamo / Post-hardcore / Mathcore

Album: You Can Learn a Lot From a Pair of Black Lungs
Release date: 2007
01. intro
02. FiveTwoSixTwo
03. All Mouth, No Matter
04. Zombies Are Fucking Assholes
05. (Subject to Change)
06. Giants Orbiting
07. Conjunction Junction; You're Either An Apostrophe or You Are Nothing
08. A Hatchet As Sharp As the Devil Himself
09. Small Talk's Going to Get My Throat Cut
10. 'Terra Firma' Might Be Inappropriate

Album: Creatures
Release date: 2008
01. Shit Fire, Save Matches
02. All Hopped Up on Date Rape Drugs
03. A Waltz Regarding Repletion
04. Yard Sale
05. Grandmother Redux

Album: Untitled
Release date: 2009
01. Lightspeed
02.Michael Jackson

Format: 128 kbps, mp3
Download: Mediafire
Website: MySpace

Underrated and mostly unacknowledged, Discovery of a Lifelong Error left a big impression on California's underground scene. "Giants Orbiting", shown above, is widely regarded as their best work. Members of this band, Corey (vocals) and Ben (guitar), have since gone on to join the post-hardcore act, A Lot Like Birds.

The "Creatures" EP features Marcos of Galaga: The Movie on guitar.

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