Thursday, January 5, 2012

IVEBEENSHOT - Discography

Origin: Orange County, California (USA)
Genre: Deathgrind / Deathcore

Ivebeenshot : fun for the whole family

Album: Fun For the Whole Family
Release date: 2003
01. Hey There Sweet Tits
02. Anita Bonghit and the Four Foot Gunt
03. When Standing in Open Territory, Bother No One. If Someone Bothers You, Ask Him To Stop. If He Deos Not, Destroy Him.
04. Do Hookers Stand in the Rain?
05. Some People Just Can't Handle Metal
06. Stomach Bile Tastes Like Your Mother

Ivebeenshot : Stay classy

Album: Stay Classy
Release date: 2006
01. Gloryhole
02. Slutassbitch
03. A Scat Whore
04. Bark Twice If You're In Milwaukee

Ivebeenshot : Doza

Album: Doza
Release date: 2008
01. What Would Clint Eastwood Do
02. Ivebeencancelled
03. Gloryhole
04. A Scat Whore
05. Polk High Football Rules (4 Touchdowns In 1 Game)
06. Put Out Or Get Out
07. Do Hookers Stand In The Rain?
08. We Serve Breakfast All Fucking Day
09. Listen Here Motherfucker
10. Hey There Sweet Tits
11. Slut Ass Bitch
12. Straight To The Dome
13. Trying Is The First Step To Failure
14. Realigning Your Chi Flow

Format: Various kbps, mp3
Download: Mediafire
Website: Facebook

This is what I could dig up from the bands discography,  and although it's missing their earliest demo, it does include their other 2 demos and "Doza," their acclaimed full-length. Featuring Lee Artavia of Bedlam of Cacophony.

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