Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Car Bomb - Third Revelation

After 5 long years, Car Bomb has finally revealed a release date for a new album, which (and this has been said before) puts them on the Tool timeline for album releases. The debut single, "Third Revelation," features Joesph Duplantier of Gorjira, and despite the expectation that it might be a complete letdown after such a long wait, it certainly does not disappoint.

According to their website, the album should drop September 25th.


  1. I thought this album was already out and I was trying to download it and this post came up on the first page of Google. Your on top of Car Bomb nice.

    1. Nick: Just noticed I hadn't replied to this, but I'm sure by now you've already listened to w^w^^w^w and loved it.