Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just Like Vinyl - s/t

Artist: Just Like Vinyl
Origin: Seattle, WA (USA)
Genre: Progressive Rock / Post-Hardcore
Album: s/t
Release date: 2010
01. Wisdom Teeth
02. Cardiac Harassment
03. The Circulatory System
04. Big Words
05. Death of the Sheep
06. D.R.U.M.S.
07. Kite
08. Epiphany
09. No Friend Of Mine
10. Pulled Apart
11. It's Over

Format: 320kbps, mp3
Download: Mediafire
Website: Facebook

Featuring Thomas Erak of The Fall of Troy. If you consider yourself a fan of aforementioned band, I'd be incredibly surprised if you weren't already aware of this new project. Gone are the head spinning riffs and aggressive motifs, which have been abandoned for more rock sensibilities and song writing. Doesn't exactly sound appealing to an average TFoT fan, and it's probably more-or-less what you'd expect. However, there's still a few gems on this album, especially "The Circulatory System" (live footage above taken by my friend and former band-mate, Nick), ''Epiphany," and "No Friend of Mine," along with a couple other moments which are more reminiscent of older material.

Just Like Vinyl's new album, "Black Mass," premieres August 28th.

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