Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gaza - Mostly Hair and Bones Now

Photo: Cover art for No Absolutes In Human Suffering.  Info on it and the artist here:

If I could sum up Gaza in one word, it would be raw. Their first two full-lengths are already underground successes, and their upcoming release, "No Absolutes in Human Suffering,"  was produced by Kurt Ballou of Converge. You can expect the same intensity, anger, and mandatory God-hating, coupled with Ballou's production sensibilities (so it's already a hit).

The lyrics, which I found exceptionally disturbing: 

"I pulled a dead horse out from under a tarp in the back yard piece by piece.
Once proud, once full of strength...She was gold.
Mostly hair and bones now.
I dragged a leg around the yard for hours wearing a path.
I left it there in the sun, abandoned like a child's bicycles at the call of a mother. 
Mostly hair and bones now."

"No Absolutes in Human Suffering" drops July 31st on Black Market Activities

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